Alabama TBRA – Absence of Horse Racing, Loss for State

The horse industry is very important part of American national, state and local economics. Currently there are 9.2 million of horses in United States and more than 4.6 million of Americans is involved in the industry. The horse industry has direct impact on American economy of 39 billion dollar per year, so why then Alabama Thoroughbred Breeders Racing Association can’t get even a little percentage of this share.

racingThe state is losing money and it doesn’t do anything to help Alabama TBRA to accomplish its goal and become profitable. The loss of racing in Alabama has great negative impact on its economy. And if something doesn’t change its downfall will continue.

Benefits of horse racing and what there is to lose:

  1. Development of sport and leisure

Opening a riding schools and federations; in that way the development of horse riding can be encouraged, people will enjoy in riding horses and some of them will be interested to learn more about this sport and will represent our state on national championships. “Excellent residential carpet cleaning in Kingwood”

  1. Tourism

Riding tours can be organized to represent our beautiful landscape. We can include horse riding in our tourism and contribute to a city budget vastly.

  1. New jobs opening

This industry is vast, but if we could use some of their structures we could offer an opening of new jobs positions for new trainers, jockeys, drivers, veterinarians, horse betting employees. These are the job in which can be profitable employers, Alabama TBRA because it will build her structures and become more solid and respected and the state is getting all taxes paid.

  1. It helps preservation of countryside

If the horse racing in Alabama existed lot of owners would develop their breeding more. Even people who are new in this job would decide to take a chance in horse breeding. The more farm horses the better competition. The big part of the land would be occupied with horses eating grass and in that way preserving and cleaning the landscape. Best residential roofing solutions are now available.

  1. Social cohesion and social integration
  2. These events attract people of different kinds of social class, gender or age. Horse betting is proven to be an extremely social activity. When it comes to social integration of disabled, horse is a strong and beautiful animal that can support them psychologically and recreate handicapped people. Horse riding expresses their creativity and helps them develop caring environment. In addition, the The Clubhouse where the riders are able to relax and converse about their day in a superb place for fun, rest, relaxation and learning. However, it can often get dirty in there from the riders so if you are in the Texas area, our favorite company is the Kingwood Carpet Cleaning Pros. Regardless of who is called though, it’s important that the Clubhouse is presentable and reflects the quality of the sport.

    All these indicators show us that we all neglected the horses; in 2010 there are only 46 registered horses in Alabama. Decrement of population of horses is direct consequence of absence of Alabama TBRA. Some things have to change, the state has to be more involved and contribute to raising our funds. Without this association horse racing doesn’t have a future, there will be less and less horses, owner will not see the future of this sport in this state and they will stop breeding them and that would be loss for a state and for our association.